Monday, November 18, 2019

Run Free My Good Boy

I know I should have done better keeping up our blog and keeping in touch with our furiends in blogville...but life happened and I have no excuse.

Anyway, my beloved Edgar Dog has left this world. I can’t even describe the hole in my heart left in his place. I’m working hard to go through the motions and find joy in little things but at the end of the day, when it’s  deafeningly quiet without his sighs and snuffles and the tippity tap of his nails on the floor, I just feel sad. As I look for him so we can go to bed, and then realize that there is no “we” anymore...just me. Joey works restaurant hours and is gone most nights. It’s just me and little Memphis and after I put him to bed, and sit with my thoughts, I remember that I’m actually afraid of the dark...I’d forgotten for the last 12 years because I was never scared with Edgar. When I think that I’ll never hear him impatiently ring the bells to go outside, that Memphis will not remember him, that the black sweater wadded on the bed is not him, I can hardly bear it. I know one day my heart will heal and there will be more dogs to mourn, but today I just miss my Edgar.

Run Free My Good Boy
Edgar Osmond MacGregor
June 17, 2007 - November 14, 2019

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Big Changes are a-Comin!

See that picture up there?  I was just a little puppy when it was taken.  Mum tells me that we are going to be having a new puppy in the house - a human puppy - and that I have a big job of being a big brother and protector.  I'm a little nervous, you guys...I hope I'm up for this task!  And still get lots of treats and tummyrubs.  Mum says some things will change, like I can't bark like crazy when dogs walk by the house, because the human puppy might be sleeping (we are working on this and I am doing good so far).  But mum reassured me and also says that I was her first love and so shall I remain...

Monday, October 17, 2016


A repeat of last fall. Mum thought my allergies were acting up. She gave me a bath with my special shampoo for the itchies. Then. She. Found. A. Flea!!!!!  Nooooo!!!! 
Now there is a frenzy of laundry going on before bedtime. The vet is closed, so Frontline or anything like that till tomorrow. DARNIT!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Wedding Day

We don't have the professional photos back to share yet, but here are a few snaps of Mum and the Fella's wedding...

Friday, June 3, 2016

Bells Will Be Ringing

I have some news for y'all!  

It's very joyful news!

One week from today...

Mum and the Fella are gettin hitched!  A Husker and an Aggie shall come together as friends.  I will have two peeps instead of one!  

Some of you may know that my Grampy's health has been very poor.  Mum gave up hope that he would be able to walk her down the aisle.  Then she started to question whether he would even be able to come at all.  Well, I am happy to report that after 6 months of being in the hospital or in skilled nursing he was able to go home last week.  He had a small health crisis yesterday, but is back on track and told all of his nurses that he need to get better and go home so he could walk his little girl down the aisle...and he's home now and resting so he will be ready!  

Monday, May 23, 2016

Dress Up For Whitley

For our furiend Whitley, who is at the bridge, Blogville is dressing up her honor. 

Sunday, February 14, 2016