Tuesday, August 23, 2011


we had some respite from the heat here last week, but today it's back with gusto. the heat index thingy was 105 degrees here today! bleh - it's just too hot out for anything! here is a picture of me from a snow day last winter...i am hoping it helps cool me off!
my mama would like apologize for our being absent for such a long time. she has been traveling to mayo clinic for some sickie problems she's having. she assures me it is nothing serious but would appreciate any prayers. she has to go back one more time to have some surgeries...gulp... i've been hanging with my granddad when she's gone and having the whole yard to myself, a real treat since we don't have a fence at home! mama says she missed me terribly and that i would have made her feel bunches better if i were there. to be honest though...i sorta enjoyed having some boy time with granddad. on the downside - she thinks i found some yummy poo treats in the yard and contracted...wormies! now i have to go to dr. tina's on thursday...