Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dog days

It's been terribly hot here. I haven't been getting any walkies in...I have been doing lots of this: 

That is, lying about in front of the fan. Mum is having fits about the air conditioning bill, but it's just too hot to turn it off! She's still plugging away at finding a new job and I'm still plugging away at keeping her positive. We have some little humans that are hanging out here during the day, mum figured if she's here anyway, she might as well help some friends out and watch their little humans. It's been interesting for sure. Thankfully there has been no beard or fur pulling a. One has taken (adorably and endearingly) to calling me "Ogre", as she cannot say Edgar. She is also very adept at discreetly dropping her cheese crackers on the floor to share with me. I've become fond of her. Thanks for checking in with us!