Thursday, October 18, 2012

my feline hissy - i mean SISSY!

that's charlie - my other feline sibling.  i thought since i introduced ya'll to sammy, i should be fair and introduce you to charlie as well.  charlie is the cat that few people even believe exist.  she's a hider, always has been - but i have to admit - she started hiding even more when lil' ole me came along.  she hates me...she hisses at me, she hides from me, she refuses to even be in the same room as me.  i don't know why?!?! 

every night we have a routine.  when momma asks me if i'm ready for bed, i run to the bedroom and lie in wait sit nicely on the rug next to the bed.  charlie creeps out from under the bed on the opposite side and launches herself up and over the bed, all the way across the room and out the door (she's a real good jumper!) and then the chase is on!  i scurry and scramble and chase her all the way out to the living room, barking all the way.  it's great fun!  like i said...i can't understand why she doesn't like me...cats!  who knows?!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

sammy cat

phewwweee!  it's been awhile!  see sometimes, i have trouble thinking of what to tell ya'll about me that you might find interesting, so i just don't say anything at all.  so, i thought today, i'd tell a bit about the feline grand daddy of our house, sammy cat.  he's 17 years old, that seems waaay up there to me, but who knows. 


that's a picture of the old man himself, about 5 years ago, when i first came into the picture.  he was a younger guy back then and looked a lot better.  these days sammy cat is real thin (a recent visit to the vet showed he lost one third of his body weight over the last 2 years, yikes!) and his fur comes out in clumps, cause in his old age he's decided snoozing sound better than grooming himself.  so, mum tries to fill in for him and help out with the comb.  he likes to talk a lot too and sometimes he surprises us and starts to play just like the fiesty young thing he used to be.  mum rescued him when he was six and he's been with her ever since.  the vet said he looks pretty good for his age, so i guess i can keep on chasing him!

Friday, June 22, 2012

just another working stiff

so, you guys all know that there are working dogs right?  those pups that have vests that say "i'm working, don't pet me"?  there are dogs that help peeps that can't see, dogs that work on ranches, dogs that help with disabilities, dogs that help people that have seizures, dogs that help find lost peeps, dogs that find drugs and bad stuff like that, even dogs overseas that help our troops in the middle east! 

well, today was "take your dog to work day"!  so i got to join the realm of working dogs for the day!  that's right, mum took me to work with her!  mum works at a shelter for women and little kids that need a safe place to stay.  today i got to help out getting the mail and taking it around to the shelters, it's different than checking pee mail.  Really though, i wanted to catch some of the bad guys that make it unsafe for the women and children to stay in their own homes, cause really, when you think about it - that's not very fair!  Anyway, i had a great time, even if i didn't get to bite any bad guys! 

how about you guys?  did anybody else get to go to work with their peep?

also - check out my friends' susie & sidebite's blog for an important cautionary tale...sidebite was real sick and if his peeps hadn't acted fast and gotten him to the dogtor it might have been a sad ending! 

Monday, June 18, 2012


i turned 5 yesterday - 35 in people years...i'm finally older than my mum.  in celebration we visited the grandpeeps & i got my very own bacon for breakfast!  quite a treat, since mum never has it at our hourse!  peeps and pups who knew me in my puppy years are all astonished at what a good boy i am now.  they seem to think i was quite the terror (terrier).  a few things that i have learned over the years:
1. mum prefers if i chew my bones rather than her ipod, glasses, remote control, laptop cable, shoes, woodwork, cell phone and books.  why didn't she just say so? 
2. i don't need to prove to every dog we pass that i am a big dog in a small package.
3. the outside of cars is best observed from securely within the car, not lolling with half my body out the window.  when you do that you end up on the outside of the car and your mum in hysterical tears, trying to squeeze you to death with frantic hugs and kisses once she manages to pull the car over. 
i hope these realizations might save some of you the trouble of learning them the hard way...i'm off for a post celebratory snooze! 

that's me when i was a wee chappie - back in those days i mentioned above...

Friday, May 25, 2012

frankie day

today's the day to raise a paw to the mayor of blogville - frankie furter!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

7 things about me!!

my friend stuart the scottie awarded me with the versatile blogger! what an honor...according to the rules posted on his page i am supposed to put the versatile blogger award picture on my page, but, mum doesn't know how to do that. sheesh-you know what they say about good help! and i'm supposed to tell you 7 things about hope i can think of 7 things you don't know about me. and then i am supposed to tag more pups. since i think most everyone i would tag have already been tagged - so i'm going to make it an open invite! if you would like to participate, please do!! here goes:

1. i was born in ok-la-homa - where the wind comes sweeping down the plain! my mum drove all the way from nebraska to pick me up.
2. i was dubbed the smartest in my litter because i was the first to figure out the doggie door when i wanted to go outside.
3. we don't have a doggie door anymore - but we do have bells on the door and i trained my mum to take me outside whenever i ring really happened that way too - i trained her, not the other way around!
4. in my puppy kindergarten class i was dubbed a bully - just because there was a shy doxie that i wanted to play with...vigorously - i'm a scottie! give me a break!
5. i LOVE brussels sprouts and colli-flower and green beans - i love when mum makes something with those and i get the scraps!
6. i had a harrowing adventure as a wee pup where i fell out the window of the car as mum was turning a corner. obviously i was okay, but i *always* wear a seat belt in the back seat riding on top of the car for me!
7. i love to visit my grannie and grampa and play in their backyard. one time i almost caught a rabbit...but mum interfered - sheesh!

so there you have it - you know 7 more things about me!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


hey! do ya'll think i could market this skill? 2 for $1?
seriously, somebody get these things off of me!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

christmas goodies!

you all know that my secretary is not the best known to dog...she's typically a day late and a dollar short and does not keep up with my posts as i would like her to - so our apologies for the tardiness of this post.

i got the greatest pressies in the mail from jazzi's gift exchage! bobo and meja had my name and they sent me a big ole box with my name on it! mum helped me open it and inside was this giant stocking stuffed full of toys, and a package of roll ups *and* a package of chicken treats!
can you see everything in the picture?? there's a doggie with a squeaker, a bone with a squeaker, 3 balls and two more squeaky toys...umm - there were 3 more, but i destuffed one already!
thanks bobo and meja!!