Monday, June 18, 2012


i turned 5 yesterday - 35 in people years...i'm finally older than my mum.  in celebration we visited the grandpeeps & i got my very own bacon for breakfast!  quite a treat, since mum never has it at our hourse!  peeps and pups who knew me in my puppy years are all astonished at what a good boy i am now.  they seem to think i was quite the terror (terrier).  a few things that i have learned over the years:
1. mum prefers if i chew my bones rather than her ipod, glasses, remote control, laptop cable, shoes, woodwork, cell phone and books.  why didn't she just say so? 
2. i don't need to prove to every dog we pass that i am a big dog in a small package.
3. the outside of cars is best observed from securely within the car, not lolling with half my body out the window.  when you do that you end up on the outside of the car and your mum in hysterical tears, trying to squeeze you to death with frantic hugs and kisses once she manages to pull the car over. 
i hope these realizations might save some of you the trouble of learning them the hard way...i'm off for a post celebratory snooze! 

that's me when i was a wee chappie - back in those days i mentioned above...


  1. OH HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND EDGAR! And, you HAVE LEARNED lots and lots through the years.

    You're 5 and I'm 6. We're men. Not to be messed with.

    I'm going to have a treat later in your honor!

    AroooOOOooooOOOO Rooo! Stuart

  2. aw thanks - stu my friend! you should two treats, because you have to share with sniglet!

  3. Happy Birthday Buddy!!
    Wow, bacon your ARE lucky!

    I hope you had a great day pondering all your learnednes...

  4. Oh, Edgar, so glad to here from you, so the Big guy FIVE eh, get you a seat belt like dad does with bites, he can stand on the window, and thats as far as he can get. And oh, by the way that chewing on stuff thats not yours (Remember the Scottie laws) goes away, not because the peeps wish it so!!!!, so chow down, and as you birthday requset many treats, as is your Scottie rights.

    Luvs, Susie & Bites

  5. We had to learn the same things. Though the car window thing was experienced years ago with a former scottie!!

    Happy Birthday, Edgar!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    We thought you HAD to have bacon in the house.

  6. Happy 5th Birthday!!!!!

    Your pal, Pip

  7. Happy 5th Birthday!! You dont look a day over 3!! he he


  8. Edgar, buddy, thanks for all the concerns, Sidebite has read all the comments.

    Susie and At Home Bites

    Pees; please help by getting the word out to all of bloggville, theres lots out there that don't see our posts. This is very serious, but can be cure, msut eb done quickly