Thursday, November 27, 2014


I'm so thankful for Blogville and everyone's kind words and support while my family is going through a rough patch.  It's a lot to put on a Scottie's shoulders, but with all of ya'll sending good vibes and prayers and POTP, we can get through anything!  Blogville's the best!  

We have so much to be thankful for! Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 17, 2014


I spent the last few days with my Hungarian Vizla furiends. Mum and the Fella were out of town for the funeral. In that time we got our first snow and I had fun romping in their yard. 

We are still having a tough time here. Mum made it through the funeral and helping Grammie and Grampie. But Grammie isn't doing so well...she's having a hard time with the move. Today she had to go to the hospital because she fell. And mum is sad all over again. We are ready for happier times. Thanks to you all for your kind words and for sticking with us through these sad times. We hope to have happier news to report soon!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Oh But Could We Catch a Break?

So...I got into mum's purse and opened the bottle of Tylenol. She doesn't think I actually ingested much, but the dogtor told her to give me some yucky stuff to make me barf and to watch me over the next 3 days for signs of poisoning. Then when mum was done cleaning up barf she got a phone call that her uncle had been struck by a car and killed while he was on vacation. He was very important to her and she's very sad. 
Sheesh...I'm going back to sleep!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

For Macey

We are sending lots of love and light and POTP to little miss Macey.  She is the grandpeep of Deb over at 3 Little Pugs and here's what we know:

Good Friends:
We will be off the blog most of this week and will try to be back online on Friday at the latest. Tomorrow is our election here and then Mom is leaving to go with her daughter and son in law up to Iowa City to stay with Macey.  On Saturday we got some news that have worried our hearts, and we are hoping the multiple scans will prove them wrong.  I know all over blogville and the heavens prayers are being said for our friends and loved ones,  but we are wondering since such a brave little girl is involved if a few extra ones to travel above for her.

Last year Gussie tried to make a deal with his Santy Claus to make Tweedles better, and before we knew it she was on the road to recovery.  We are thinking we may need more than Santa Claus to make this happen.  I know each of you have our own belief's in the world and the powers from above, but we are wondering if at 8:20 AM on Wednesday if everyone on blogville could just stop for one moment and say a little prayer for Macey we would forever be in your gratitude. 

I also am asking a second favor if you are comfortable with our request-- will you post it to your blog.  I will be reading them to Macey to help keep her distracted.  As soon as we know anything I will let one of you know by late Wednesday evening.

All our love and Friendship
Deb, Stella Rose, Margaret Mae, Angus Mac and Macey's Family

We missed the the 8:20 deadline, but believe that when it comes to POTP, every little bit helps!  

Spread the love everyone!  

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Rare Appearance

Here's Charlie Girl! In our new home she comes and snuggles with mum nearly every night at bedtime. Before, since the time I came to live with them, she would hide all day and dart out to the living room when I came to bed. It would seem, after 7 years, that she is coming around. We are very happy...mum says she's sorely missed their snuggle time.