Friday, March 28, 2014

A Question From My Mum

I've agreed to let mum use my blog for the day. She is seeking the opinion of other Scottie peeps.

Edgar's mum here. I've been wondering, Scottie peeps, do your Scots cuddle much? From the blogs I've read and followed it seems to be a toss up of whether it's a breed characteristic to not be cuddly or whether it's an individual characteristic. Edgar is NOT a cuddler. He prefers to sit near me and often times if pet him or fuss over him he gets up and moves! The winter is nice because he will snuggle up to me when we go to bed to stay warm, but otherwise he's not too affectionate. Scottie thing or just an Edgar thing? What do you say? I love him to pieces either way, but you know, sometimes after a long day, a cuddle is just what a person needs!

Gratuitous picture of the non-snuggly Edgar: 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

For the Birds!

Sooo NOT fair!!! How am I supposed to have any fun?!  The pond was full of geese and ducks and swans. I really wanted to give em a run for their money, but mum said we have to follow the rules. Do y'all follow the rules or make your own?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Splish Splash

Mum said it was time for a bath...but she didn't mean for me! Phew - I dodged a bullet on that one. We took the car through the car wash...

It was really loud and I wasn't sure what to think, but at least I didn't have to get wet! And I got to play at Grammie and Grampie's house today!!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

MY Pillow

See this pillow? I got it in a Christmas exchange from my furiend, Jazzi. She's a Scottie too. Now, mum is always picking this pillow up off the floor and putting on the couch with her throw pillows, saying, "Edgar, quit throwing this pillow in the belongs on the couch".
I say, came in a box addressed to me. It has a picture of me on it. It's mine. Mine. (Really everything is mine, I just let her think some things are hers). It's my pillow and I like to do this:
(From mum...I frequently find this little pillow on the floor and have worried that Edgar will confuse it with a stuffie and destroy it. Then, I came out of the kitchen yesterday to find him resting his big ole Scottie head in it! I never realized he liked to lay on it! All this time!!)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014