Thursday, October 18, 2012

my feline hissy - i mean SISSY!

that's charlie - my other feline sibling.  i thought since i introduced ya'll to sammy, i should be fair and introduce you to charlie as well.  charlie is the cat that few people even believe exist.  she's a hider, always has been - but i have to admit - she started hiding even more when lil' ole me came along.  she hates me...she hisses at me, she hides from me, she refuses to even be in the same room as me.  i don't know why?!?! 

every night we have a routine.  when momma asks me if i'm ready for bed, i run to the bedroom and lie in wait sit nicely on the rug next to the bed.  charlie creeps out from under the bed on the opposite side and launches herself up and over the bed, all the way across the room and out the door (she's a real good jumper!) and then the chase is on!  i scurry and scramble and chase her all the way out to the living room, barking all the way.  it's great fun!  like i said...i can't understand why she doesn't like me...cats!  who knows?!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

sammy cat

phewwweee!  it's been awhile!  see sometimes, i have trouble thinking of what to tell ya'll about me that you might find interesting, so i just don't say anything at all.  so, i thought today, i'd tell a bit about the feline grand daddy of our house, sammy cat.  he's 17 years old, that seems waaay up there to me, but who knows. 


that's a picture of the old man himself, about 5 years ago, when i first came into the picture.  he was a younger guy back then and looked a lot better.  these days sammy cat is real thin (a recent visit to the vet showed he lost one third of his body weight over the last 2 years, yikes!) and his fur comes out in clumps, cause in his old age he's decided snoozing sound better than grooming himself.  so, mum tries to fill in for him and help out with the comb.  he likes to talk a lot too and sometimes he surprises us and starts to play just like the fiesty young thing he used to be.  mum rescued him when he was six and he's been with her ever since.  the vet said he looks pretty good for his age, so i guess i can keep on chasing him!