Thursday, July 11, 2013

Coffee Date

Mum and I are having some quality time this morning. She got up early so she could hang with me and drink coffee out of her new Scottie mug. See, she's going on a vacation in a few days and between you and I, I think she's going to miss me terribly. I'm going to be staying with Grammy and Grampy. However this trip will be a little different. The beautiful old maple tree that grew in my yard there fell on the house in a bad thunderstorm last month and now the whole tree is gone :( Mum is very sad about this and doesn't even want to see what my yard looks like now...the other thing -when the tree fell it took out the fence, so I will not be able to run free into yard this time, and that makes me a little sad too. But I know that I will have a blast and get spoiled anyway! I just hope that she doesn't miss me too much....


  1. Well, we kinda hope she misses you like 87 tons worth, however go and have lots of fun and hope they give you lots of lovies, huggies and treats!

    The Mad Scots and Trainee

  2. Coffee Dates are the best. Did you have biscuits too?

  3. It's probaby too hot to really run around anyway. So being spoilt by the grands should be fun.

    Enjoy your coffee date.....nice way to enjoy the morning.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Hope your peep isn't gone for long...