Wednesday, October 2, 2013

POTP needed for Sammy Cat

Hi everyone - I was just wondering if everyone out there in Blogville could send some Power of the Paw to my feline big brother, Sammy.  Sammy just came home today after spending two days at the vet.  Dr. Tina says that he is in the beginning stages of renal (kidney) failure and that his kidneys are functioning at 30%.  He is 18 years old and now only weighs 6 pounds.  He used to be a great big, chubby kitty. Dr. Tina is hopeful that a special diet of prescription cat food will help and make him feel better.  She also gave him some fluids while he stayed with her (whatever that means).

When mum picked him up today he had a diarrhea accident *and* had thrown up in his carrier on the way home...mum felt awful that he had to ride all that way in that mess, and her eyes started to leak.  I tried to help her by "cleaning up" the carrier while she was trying to give Sammy a bath, but she got mad and made me go to my kennel...I was just trying to help.  Anyways, mum is really worried about the old guy, so if you could please keep him in your thoughts, I just know she would appreciate it! 

That's a picture of Sammy way back when I first came to live with them.  He looks much, much skinnier now.


  1. I lost my Sheltie a year ago the same way. My heart goes out to you along with my prayers, Bentley's mom

  2. Sending Sammy loads of the POTPs.

  3. We're keeping all the paws in our pack crossed for Sammy that he feels better with that new food.

  4. Saturday is the first anniversary of Kenzie (the Westie)'s loss because of liver problems. I hope my POTP works better this year.

  5. Poor sammy!!
    All Paws crossed here!!

    Jazzi and Addi