Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Gift!

A little bit ago, our furiends over at Angel Pip & Ruby's had a contest! It was to name two places that Pip travelled to on his Bucket List World Tour. See, when Pip found out that he was not long for this world, he made a bucket list & took off on a world tour with his pal Puddles to visit all his furiends in Blogville and see the world. We entered the contest with a correct answer, but missed the deadline (again-a failure on the part of my assistant).  But...they were kind enough to send us a prize anyway!

We chose this magnet with Pip's picture on ot from their store 
Isn't it great?  It's right there in the middle of our fridge and we think of Angel Pip and Ruby everytime we see has great advice on it too!


  1. That is SO very Pip and Pip's Family Like... to send you the pressie even if you missed the dead lion. He was quite a guy... and STILL IS... since he often makes return Flights from across the bridge... to lighten and enlighten us with his visits and wonderful words...
    Congratulations Edgar.

  2. Kyla also had a celebration while on her way out. It's a reminder that life is waaaay too short.

  3. Ya know, that was so nice, so Pip-like to include you even though your assistant was slack! A great prize....

  4. A great prize and reminder of a very special friend that is missed and remembered.

  5. Yep Pip visited me on his Bucket List Tour and still to this day it is the most visited of all my post having 471 views.
    I won their book and we use it often in our reading dog program. Everyone loved Pip.
    Love you too Edgar.
    Sweet William The Scot

  6. Hurray so glad it arrived and that you are enjoying the magnet!!!