Sunday, April 6, 2008

peace in the valley!

finally, it has happened! sammy and edgar are both sitting with me on the sofa! less that a foot from one another, no growling, no barking, no hissing, no yowling. there is in fact purring going on right at this moment! i thought that it would never happen, i thought that the cats were doomed to a lifetime in the bedroom whenever edgar is up and about. not true! hooray!

j and i went to a wedding in genoa nebraska this weekend. it was a lovely time, it started off a little questionable...the reception was at the senior center, which was...unique to say the least. on the way back we decided that the highway was uninteresting, so we drove home only on gravel roads. i guess i didn't realize that could be done, but j has an uncanny sense of direction. there were several abandoned farm buildings along the way, but most had no trespassing signs. we did stop at one small building that was really cool. it was full of stuff, old furniture, a wringer washer, tables, some kind of old halters. there was an old lard bucket from cudyhay's which is where my grandma used to work. it is so interesting that people just up and leave all that stuff.

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