Monday, April 7, 2008


i spent the evening helping a friend pack. after having three good friends (and myself) move five times between all of us in this last year i have to say i am a little a burned out on moving. but it's also one of those things that you just assured that the favor will be repaid in the future, or that you owe a favor anyway; it's the the nature of friendships that you lose track of those things. but i gotta say, after this i hope no one i know moves for a long, long time!

i got fabric today for a new sewing project. after finishing my quilt i found myself pacing around my apartment, bored with nothing to do for the past week or so. and i couldn't understand why i was so restless. i concluded that i really enjoyed sewing my quilt and that i needed a new sewing project. so now i've got one! huzzah...

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