Wednesday, June 11, 2008


well my my my, we are currently in a tornado warning here in lincoln! i am not abiding by the safety recommendations on the local news channel. mostly because i live in a really really old house that has been converted into 4 apartments and the basement entrance is outside the house and is *super* creepy. i hate basements for the most part anyway, let alone creepy ones. and since the entrance is outside there is no telling if perhaps someone may forget to lock the door and then who knows who could be down there...and if the electricity went out that is the last place on earth i would want to be!! and also because it would require wrangling all of my animals and getting them to the basement which would not be fun at all, and perhaps not even possible! we would all blow away before i could get the job done!

i just heard about a boyscout camp in iowa that was hit by a tornado and there were 4 boyscouts killed and over 30 sad.

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