Wednesday, July 2, 2008

rotten eggs!

so i am fairly proud of the fact that i know my way around a kitchen...i am a really good cook and most of what i make turns out tasty. that being said...i have absolutely no ability to hard boil an egg. how is that?! i can bake bread from scratch, make delicious soups and stews, pesto, homemade noodles...but, i can't boil a freaking egg?! it is by far and away one of the most frustrating things. my mom promises a lesson the next time i am home, but i worry that it's hopeless! i am headed to my friend's lake house for the night tomorrow and the beginning of the fourth of july holiday and i was getting everything ready to make potato salad tonight...the only hitch in the process was the damn hard boiled eggs! i also whipped together a patriotic bandana for edgar to wear. i'm not really a fan of independence day, however that is no reason for edgar to not look dapper! time to go check on those eggs!

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