Saturday, December 10, 2011

the indignity...

oh dear me...can everyone see my paw-paw? do you know what she did to me? well...i have a paw pad that a few months ago was all icky and infected (mum thinks maybe i stepped on a small shard of glass from all those broken wine glasses mentioned in my previous post) but i had to go to the vet and she wrapped it all up and i had to take pills...

well this morning i was licking and licking my paw paw and mum took a look at it and there's a small part that is red again. so she took one of her running socks and put it over my paw paw! and then - wrapped masking tape around it!! can you believe the nerve? it looks so foolish for a scottie such as myself to have an old gym sock taped around his paw paw! don't you think? i hope no one notices...


  1. Looks a bit like a peg leg...BOL! Oh sorry, we shouldn't laugh. Humans do goofy things like that and then try to tell us it's for our own good.

    Hope the paw heals soon and you can get the sock of shame off.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy

  2. Aww...that looks awful uncomfy!! Sure hope it was a clean old gym sock, I'm just saying....bol.


  3. Well, you can count on some free treats for that sad look little Edgar. Get well soon!

    Aroo, Stuart

  4. Oh the horror!


  5. Hello Edgar, I saw you mentioned over on Stuart's blog so I came for a visit to yours! Boy, do I feel sorry for you - I hope your paw paw is better. I had to wear four socks last year when I had some surgery on my paws and honestly, it wasn't nice. My Two Legged Ones kept telling it was kinda cool as I looked like a footballer but I knew better - I was very grumpy abou it! Hope you are all ok now.

    Woof for now.