Thursday, December 8, 2011

a tribute my friend lucas

that big guy right there is lucas - he's 6 months younger than me, and a yellow labrador retriever - and he's my best freind. seriously, like my brother from another mother. his mum and my mum are real good friends too. we would all go for long walks together almost every day - and even with my short little leggies, i could keep up with lukey. there was one time when there was a duck in the little pond at the gardens and he jumped right in to get it...not me, i hate the water!
his mum and my mum would get together and drink wine together (they lived right downstairs) and lucas would always knock over the wine glasses with his big ole tail! wine and glass everywhere! bol! and our favorite game is something mum calls "dust mop dog". we get a toy and lucas holds one end and i the other and then i would flop down frog dog style and lucas would pull me all over the living room! boy that was fun.

anyway, lucas and his mama moved away about a month ago to colorado. and gosh we sure miss them. for awhile i kept forgetting they were gone and i'd sit down in front of his door when we came in from outside, wishing i could play with him. does anybody else have a best friend? do they live close? i sure miss mine...


  1. We nose dat Lucas is missin' you too! Maybe you two will get togedder for a play date some time if you can go on a vacation!

  2. That's sad, Edgar. Lucas sounds like a great guy. Hope you find another good friend,but we know you'll miss him.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy

    Our best friend Marli was hit by a car and every time we walk by her house, we try to go in...even after 6 months.

  3. Oh boy! I can just see Lucas pulling you around frog-dog style. How fun! Bet you had clean floors!

    My best friend is my Sniglet next door. If she moved I'd be lost. If We lived closer, little Edgar, we could be best friends, but we'll just have to be blog friends. sigh.

    Aroo! Stuart

  4. Edgar!!!!! It is Lucas your best friend...I miss you dearly and think of you everyday...your tribute made my Momma cry...she loves you as well and misses you and your mum. We can't wait for a visit!!! I know I will see you soon and we will keep each other posted on our adventures! I miss you and esp miss breaking wine glasses!!! I will check your blog often and thank you so much Edgar for the wonderful story!!! I love and miss you my best friend. Woof woof woof.