Wednesday, January 12, 2011

hee hee hee

all this snow means it's too cold for my walkies - we go a few blocks and my little paw paws get so cold i can't keep them all on the ground. so i have been doing my best to help out around the house. for instance - i don't like the new place she keeps the step stool, so have been scratching at it and nosing it and crying at it all night till she moves it. and, the recycling - i have rearranged all of that in the dining room...none of the plastics were properly chewed before she put them in the bag. next i am moving on to "reorganizing" my toys. she sure hopes this cold snap ends soon! i guess she doesn't care for my brand of "helping"


  1. Hi! Lucy sent me over to say hey. I am with you on the snow - too much, too cold!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. BOL that is funny that your meaningful work is getting on her nerves. are just trying to help out round the house. I say go ahead and keep doing it, we hafta keep them in line you know?


  3. A scottie's work is never done!

    Don't get frostbite in that cold snow.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. Hows about rearranging some of her, keys, and stuffs like dat. I sure she would like dat.

  5. What does she want from you??? I mean you TRIED to help and she dares to complain??? Perhaps she would appreciate it if you arrange her sock and undie drawers.

  6. Glad that you're keeping those little paws busy and warm. It's cold and snowy here in PA, too, and with all the salt on the roads, walks are put on hold. My guys "help" feed the birds and then chase them - tough work because the birds don't give up and keep coming back to the feeders!!
    Stay warm -
    Judie, Duncan & Hamish

  7. WOWZERS! You have a full time job! Be sure to take a break sometime....nap time and play time are important too!

  8. Well, it seems you are keeping very busy. Try to stay warm.

  9. Hello dear Edgar!
    Guess what Edward received today? A lovely packet from you!!! He loves the mice and the treats and all the goodies!! That was really really sweet of you! He is running around the house right now with the little mouse! I will take some pictures and post about all the goodies you sent him next Friday!!
    Thank you so so much! You and your really made a little cat named, Edward, happy!!! (Gota love those names that begin with "E")
    Blessings and many thanks!
    PS You look great int he snow!

  10. I love that sweater!!!