Sunday, November 28, 2010

excuse my absence!

i visited my gramma and papa's house again for the holiday and wasn't able fiddle on their computer. i'm just now recovering from all the turkey! it was a lovely weekend...except for one thing. some little humans visited my gramma and papa's house and i was (gasp) closed into the bedroom! can you believe it?! mum said that after "the unfortunate incident" she did not want me provoked into putting my toofers on anyone. i guess i can't really blame her as those little humans like to pull on my beardie and poke me in the eyeballs and chase me all around - and needless to say i don't like it! i'm a scottie dog and it's all little undignified for my liking. so while i barked my head off whilst locked away in the bedroom, in retrospect - maybe it wasn't so terrible afterall...


  1. EDgar
    Glad to have you back buddy. I was gone a few days due to a puter virus!! Aww...locked in the closet?? YIKES!! I would have barked my head off too. And those little humans DO put beards,tails, and get pokey, I know first hand but then I am used to them since 2 of em live with me!!


  2. We always get locked in the bedroom if we have visitors; but that's because we don't shut up. Some of those little humans are really rough. Maybe it was best to PROTECT you!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. I don't have much patience for little critters myself Edgar. You are not alone.

    Rooodles! Stuart

  4. Hey Edgar, how cute are you!!!!
    I'm looking forward to following and Jazzi & your Taco day! Cute idea!
    Nice to meet you!!!!