Tuesday, November 16, 2010

if only...

that's me beggin in my gramma's kitchen. she always saves me yummy tidbits and puts them in my bowl!

my mum informed me that today at jack-in-the-box they were giving away 2 free tacos. to everyone! if only we had one of those places here in nebraska. i hope for my furend jazzi's sake that they have one of them where she lives!


  1. WHAT!! 2 free tacos??? (crying), Nope no Jack in the Box here either!! WHere in the world are they anyways??? LOL


  2. We figured Jazzi would be out lookin' for a Jack in the Box!

    We're going to have to try a taco one of these days.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    And we're sure your grandma won't forget your tidbit.....you're too cute.

  3. Granny's are always pushovers for the sad face. Keep working it. Never had a taco myself, but we do try and go through the drive thru windows as often as possible so that I can get foodables.

    Hope your owie is better. Sometimes doggies just bend or twist the wrong way and it can be sore. Taking is easy and getting massage sounds like the way to go.


  4. I KNEW Jazzi would be All OVER the Free taco thingy. hehehehe

  5. Oh... now I wish I had a jack in the box here too, Edgar! Oh well... maybe I'll make them myself - think I will have to now that you put the thought in my head!!
    PS So happy to see you blogging!