Tuesday, March 11, 2008

catch up

i hate starting my day realizing that i have overslept. as you may have guessed i overslept today. it was a kind of disappointing day in that i had a few plans with people that fell through for various reasons and i felt like i spent the whole day trying to catch up. with what, i couldn't say, but i felt behind the whole day. on the upside i took my sewing machine to the bernina store and had the woman there show me what i was doing wrong. she was very kind, as it turns out this whole time that people (i.e. my mom and everyone else i asked) suggested that i take the bobbin out and re-load it, it didn't occur to me to flip the bobbin around...just to re-thread it the same way i was before...low and behold i had been putting it in backwards this whole time! now i feel kind of foolish, but hey, i learned how to do it right in the long run. so i was able to get my doggie bandanas finished and worked a bit on my quilt as well. i only have 12 more squares to quilt and hopefully will finish that *soon*!

the cranes were amazing, as they always are. it seemed to me that there were more this year than the years past. i would have to go back and figure out when i was there last year...it may simply be the time of year. the weather could not have been nicer, i was only cold after the sun started to go down and even then it was bearable. i stopped at harold warp's pioneer village on the way down, which was interesting, although i couldn't help but feel that i didn't quite get my money's worth. but at least i know what all the signs along the interstate are about! i'm not sure where i will go next year...i thought of staying in a bed and breakfast, but it seemed like too short notice this year to get that together.

i keep calling my mom with sewing questions and my dad, who i think is super funny, has taken to calling her "mrs. sew-it-all". ha! get it? like mrs. know-it-all. damn...that is definitely where i get my sense of humor, that and the tendency to think that i am funny when no one else seems to. thanks dad!

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