Monday, March 3, 2008

monday, monday

today seems to have been a typical monday. work was hectic, things popping up at the last minute. then i went to the market after work and things just became comically disastrous when i got home...knocking over the coffee pot and dousing everything on the counter top, then dropping a container of sour cream that exploded all over the kitchen.

i have always been a believer in karma, that good people will attract good things for the most part and that the bad will get their just rewards. but sometimes it is counter-intuitive and bad people seem to attract good and kind people. perhaps it is to bring some good to the bad, in hopes that they will learn something...i don't know. i know a particularly toxic person whom i have chosen not to associate with, but there are other people in my life that do. it is sad however that they do not see through this person and accept this person as genuine and well intentioned. and one can only stand by an observe. what's a person to do?

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