Sunday, March 16, 2008


i go through fits and starts of being really antisocial...i am experiencing one lately. i'm not sure the problem, high levels of crabbiness abound and it's my opinion that when i am like this i am not really fit for human companionship. despite my foul mood today it was a pretty good day. a friend came over and i helped pin her quilt. it's really adorable, goldfish!! my last day at the shop was last night. i will be sad to not be a barista anymore, but i am happy to not be working all the time.

there was just a trailer on tv for a movie called the strangers, just the trailer looks terrifying! i would like to see it but i know that either way i will regret that decision. if it's good i will continue to be terrified by it for the next month or so and if it's not good, well then, it's not good, and that is different type of regret.

i am looking forward to's pierogi saturday. a family tradition of ours. every holy saturday we make pierogis for easter dinner at my mom's house. it's an all day event.

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