Sunday, March 30, 2008

sing along!

there is some schmuck outside my apartment playing some sort of music really loud and wailing along with it. it isn't really recognizable to me or perhaps i would sing along...

it was a really productive day today. my parents came to town, which means that i did some cleaning. my mom and i went to see the international quilt study center. it was the grand opening today. we waited outside for about an hour and then another half hour inside until we could get into the gallery. it was worth it though, the quilts on display were unbelievable! i've had some conversations with people who have trouble with understanding the concept of the quilt gallery, why someone would spend money building it and why people would go to visit it...i don't really see it any differently than an art gallery. and each one tells a piece of history. oh well, i guess to each his/her own, right?

i also repotted a bunch of plants, getting several cactus spines stuck in my fingers. i couldn't get them out so i guess my body will just absorb them, or do whatever it is bodies do to things like cactus spines. my neighbor downstairs moved out and left a bunch of plants in the entryway with a note that they needed a good home, so they have one now...

my dad and i scoped out the area for the garden. the original spot i was looking at is almost entirely rock so it clearly won't work. i found out that the city of lincoln creates compost out of the yard waste that they collect and if you haul it yourself you can get it for's also sold at various nurseries around town...although why you would pay for it when you can get it for free is beyond me. i just need to find a nice person with a truck that would let me throw compost in the back.

on the canine/feline front, sammy has been super adventurous today...venturing out and hanging around while edgar was near. it wasn't entirely peaceful, but a big step in the right direction. edgar needs to go out, but with the weirdos wailing i am not so inclined to take him out; ah the charms of my neighborhood!

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