Sunday, March 9, 2008


oh how i hate the time change. i feel like i have already wasted half of my day simply because it is an hour later than i think it should be. this morning sammy cat snuggled up with me and it was really nice. he hasn't done that since edgar came to live with us. edgar has only been with us for six months, so i suppose that is progress...i have heard that it can take up to two years for things to settle down, so i guess we are on track.

but i suppose the time change means that spring is on the way. i'm ready for it!

the thistle and shamrock is on the radio, one of my favorite npr shows...full of irish folk music. it should put me in the mood for today's project. hopefully i will not put it off like i normally do; i am planning on making some st. patty's bandanas for edgar and a few of his canine friends. i am going to see the cranes migrate tomorrow and he is going to go visit his canine buddies, viggo, grace, and isabella, so i thought it would be nice way to say thank you. the crane visit could not come at a more perfect time, i have a lot on my mind and need the re-centering. it is such a wonderful way to spend the day; by myself, along the river, listening to the cranes and seeing them come into roost.

i have a date to meet my birth mother. it was just confirmed yesterday. so i've got a bit of planning to do. i am nervous but really pleased that it is happening. this is one of the instances that my mentality of not expecting too much comes in handy. it's hard to be disappointed if you have no expectations. i have learned that lesson the hard way a few too many times, expecting things of people, close to you or otherwise, and then when they don't step up in the way you expect...well, it sucks. sometimes it feels very pessimistic to go through life that way, but honestly i have found that it actually makes for better results in the long run.

i went to the stars/lancers game in omaha last night. it was a terrible game! we didn't play well, were surrounded by lancers fans with those god-awful horns that would not stop blowing them, and there was someone in front of us with some major intestinal issues and it smelled so bad! i left with a throbbing headache. very disappointing...

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