Sunday, February 17, 2008

lazy sundays

i spent the day reading and cooking. it was lovely and refreshing. however i just felt melancholy all afternoon. i finished a book called the dogs of babel, which i really enjoyed, but there were parts of the book that i found horribly sad and unfortunately i ended on that note. but, i spent a lot of time in the kitchen which was lovely. most notably, i threw some black beans in the crockpot this morning and made some black beans and rice. i tried them and will save them for meals for the rest of the week and freeze some, but they were delicious if i do say so myself.

i'm toying with the idea of driving up to omaha tomorrow evening. i'm not sure what for...i thought maybe my mom could help me pin my quilt. but i also want to see the oscar nominated movies before the awards are on, and i don't know when i will have time to do that.

there was a strange occurrence this evening. every time i took edgar out he kept looking intently down the block at the house on the corner. i was on the phone with my mom once and at one point commented to her that he must see something that i can't. the last time i took him out i could hear a puppy crying from down the block; from the house on the corner. not just an "i'm cold or hungry" crying, but serious there is something wrong wailing! after all, i could hear it all the way down the block. i ran upstairs with edgar to put shoes on and when we went back out i couldn't hear anything at all. so we walked down the block to the house and i couldn't see or hear anything unusual, but edgar nearly ran up the stairs onto the porch and then proceeded to intently sniff every inch of the yard that i would allow him to reach. it was positively unsettling and i can't stop thinking about it. about what happened to that puppy and why it was crying like that. why it stopped so suddenly. i wonder now if i should have called animal control or the police or something. i'm not sure what i would have told them or what they would have done, but it would have made me feel better.

i just can't fathom how people can intentionally harm animals. that was part of the book i finished that made me so sad, there were bits of animal experimentation, etc. granted it was all fictional, which i realize, but sadly there is nothing fictional about sick people that hurt animals. one can only hope that their actions will come back on them at some point.

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