Tuesday, February 12, 2008


my little travel companion pictured to the left was awfully naughty last night. i simply had projects that needed to be done and wasn't paying him the attention he deserved. he agreed, and decided to tell me so by antagonizing sammy cat all night long and getting into everything that is supposed to be off limits to him. he chewed my second favorite pen to smithereens. it's funny, no matter how puppy proofed i naively think my apartment is, he finds something to get into. he went to bed early with no dessert!! today i bought him a new toy as a peace offering, a lady bug with a squeaky and rope for its arms, legs, and antennae. he's a fan and we are off on a better foot this evening.

one of the aforementioned projects was cutting out the fabric and batting for the quilt i am making. it was far less scientific than i had anticipated. today i purchased an iron and small ironing board as i did not previously have one. well, i have an iron, but it is all gunky from some past project. so now i have a shiny new iron and ironing board and can complete my quilt.

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