Sunday, February 10, 2008

to the market

off to the market today, in all the blustery cold! got the goods to make lots of yummy (and healthy) food for the rest of the week. i can't fathom why it so expensive to buy healthy is so much cheaper to buy crap. i also can't fathom why it is that i typically buy and eat really healthy food and that doesn't seem to matter! my splurges are blueberries and edamame and whole wheat tortillas and i am overweight! i love healthy food more than most, not fair.

edgar had a bath today, he smells much fresher now. the cats, as usual, did not tolerate much nonsense from him today.

i had to go to b&n to return a book i bought the other day, as it turns out i already own the book; i don't really need two; even if one is hardback and the other paperback. since i was there i decided to get a new sewing book. (it doesn't take much to persuade me to purchase a new book) it's called "bend the rules sewing" by amy karol. i am very excited to try some of the patterns out, although the space in my apartment for sewing is not ideal and i left my cutting mat at my parents house in omaha, so i am not sure when i can get started on anything.

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