Wednesday, February 13, 2008

waiting, waiting...

little lapses in the winter weather, like today's make it hard. even for winter and snow lovers like me. this evening you could smell spring in the air, edgar and i went for walk and everything just seemed fresher. i love winter more than most and even i was not happy to hear a forecast of near frigid temperatures and snow showers for tomorrow.

tomorrow is valentine's day, a day that i have actually always liked despite being perpetually single. i guess i seesaw back and forth between enjoying it and being totally cynical about it. this year i anticipate it being okay. there is a donor recognition lunch at work tomorrow where j will be recognized as advocate of the year and then the rest of the day will be filled to the brim with various tasks and then on to the coffee shop. the university cabaret is apparently performing there tomorrow night...i can't say that i am looking forward to that. and i feel quite badly about being gone literally the entire day. sammy cat and charlie can fend for themselves, but edgar i am sure will feel neglected.

my mom and dad sent me a valentine today. there was a card and a book as well. my mom is making me a quilt; the squares are a sampler of the the underground railroad quilts. during the times of slavery people on the underground railroad would hang various quilts to give messages and directions to the slaves that were traveling to the north. the book is called hidden in plain view and is about this aspect of history. the only thing i love better than getting fun mail is getting fun packages in the mail, even more so when said fun package is a book!

i finally finished atonement. i really liked it, although my friend a hated it. different strokes for different folks!

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